Scouting has a fascinating history that has given us many traditions.

The Scout Badge

In the words of Baden-Powell '� the Scout Badge is the arrowhead which shows the North on a map or on a compass. It is the badge of the Scout because it points in the right direction, upwards. It shows the way in doing your duty and helping others. The three points of it remind you of the three points of the Scout Promise� duty to self, others and God'

The Scout Salute and Sign

The three fingers of the Scout Salute are reminders of the three parts of the Scout Promise. The Scout Salute is used when the Union flag or the national flag is broken.
The Scout Sign is used when Members make or reaffirm the Promise.

The Left Handshake

When the Zulu chief, Dinizulu first met Baden-Powell, he greeted Baden-Powell by shaking his left hand. Dinizulu explained that by laying down the protective shield he carried in his left hand, he trusted his new friend.

Be Prepared

The Scout Motto is a reminder that all Scouts must be always be ready to do their duty, whether to God, others or themselves. Scouts should always be ready for any eventuality, especially in helping others.

The World Membership Badge and Scout Scarf

Nearly every Scout in the world wears the purple World Membership Badge. The Scout scarf is another symbol that lets people know you are a Scout. This also identifies the pack to which you belong.

The Scout leaders are as follows:

Robert Godlonton
Nick Reid
Mark Fishwick
46th Preston scout group sections meet at the Community Centre at Sacred Heart Church.
Though we are associated with the Church and attend Church Parade every second Sunday of the month, church attendance is NOT a condition of membership of the Scouting Organisation.

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