PLOT is the Parent Leaders Organisation Team, made up of the Group Scout Leader, Individual Section Leaders and the Executive Committee (a legal requirement of the Scouting Organisation) of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment in which young people can have fun and adventure while learning some useful practical skills and socially rewarding behaviour such as respect, courtesy, responsibility, honesty and courage.

We are always looking for parent volunteers who can bring their own skills to the advantage of the youngsters and will happily receive suggestions and ideas.

It would also be extremely usefull if all parents would complete the CRB form (so that you can accompany your children on family camping trips) and the GiftAid form which channels some of your already-paid tax back for the benefit of the children.

46th Preston scout group sections meet at the Community Centre at Sacred Heart Church.
Though we are associated with the Church and attend Church Parade every second Sunday of the month, church attendance is NOT a condition of membership of the Scouting Organisation.

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